Info regarding your Thursday night plans

Do you want Benny Feilhaber to serve you a drink?

The answer, of course, is yes.

Well, today’s your lucky day. More specifically, Thursday is your lucky day, because that’s when Feilhaber and teammates Matt Reis, A.J. Soares and Chris Tierney will hop behind the bar at Market (21 Broad St., Boston, MA) to mix and serve drinks as celebrity bartenders. There’s no cover charge for the event (READ: It’s free) and the players will be serving up tasty beverages from 6 – 9 p.m.

The best part about Thursday night’s festivities is that all tips received by the players will be donated to the New England Revolution Charitable Foundation and the St. Boniface Hospital in Haiti. So tip big and help out those in need.

For those not content with simply ordering a drink from Feilhaber, Reis, Soares or Tierney, a more exclusive experience is available by purchasing a ticket to the adidas VIP Section. Tickets cost $40 and include access to a separate lounge area, El Jimador cocktails, free appetizers, athlete appearances and premium giveaways by adidas.

If you’re still on the fence about attending (although I’m not sure why you would be), get in the mood by heading over to the Fan Zone on the club’s official Facebook page and take the quiz to find out which Revolution player matches your drink preferences. That’s right, each of the four Revolution players heading behind the bar have revealed their specialty drinks and you can only find out what they are by taking the quiz. So do it.

And if you’re somehow still not convinced you need to head over to Market on Thursday night, I’ll pull out my trump card guaranteed to make you want to go …

I’ll be there.

I know, I know. I would’ve thought Feilhaber, Reis, Soares and Tierney would’ve been enough star power, but clearly they wanted to ratchet up the celebrity status by bringing in the Staff Writer & Online Host. Now, I won’t be serving drinks, but I will be shooting a feature for revolutionsoccer.net, so you won’t want to miss out on the chance to see the genius at work. (If you have a low sarcasm detector, I apologize for sounding like an idiot.)

As one final enticement, here’s the video we put together from last year’s event at McGreevy’s featuring Tierney and Darrius Barnes. Watch, see how much fun we had, and then start making plans to come out to Market on Thursday night …


  1. Musket the Dog says:

    Excited to see 3 great players, Reis, Soares & Feilhaber.

  2. Pistol the Cat says:

    Haha, ouch, no Tierney love from Musket the Dog. Well, I’m certainly looking forward to seeing the Wellesley Walloper in action.

  3. cymberly says:

    where there videos taken of each player serving the drinks and interacting?(also if there were any bloopers we could see?)

    if so when can we see them?

  4. Jeff Lemieux says:

    cymberly – The event actually hasn’t happened yet. It’s Thursday night at Market, so hopefully we’ll have the video up on the site sometime on Friday.

    The video at the bottom of this blog post is from last year’s event at McGreevy’s.

  5. backseat says:

    Holly crap that was a beating last night. So much for taking it back to ‘em.

  6. Thomas Biggleswoth says:

    Make it a boilermaker and i’m down!

  7. Chris B says:

    Jeff is the “state of the revs” on CSN a series or is it one special that is airing multiple times? Like if I can’t watch it tonight will it be the same show on the next date that it airs?

  8. Jeff Lemieux says:

    Chris B – It’s one show airing multiple times.

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