First look at Monsef Zerka

With Kenny Chesney set to take the stage here at Gillette Stadium later this evening, a large majority of New England Revolution staff members will be sent home early today to avoid the heavy traffic expected in the area. But before escaping the madness, a few of us headed out to this morning’s training session to get a first look at new signing Monsef Zerka, who joined his Revolution teammates on the practice field for the first time today.

Zerka will have plenty of time to get acclimated before the Revolution’s next game, which is now set for Wednesday, Sept. 7, after this weekend’s scheduled meeting with the Philadelphia Union was pushed back 10 days because of safety concerns surrounding Hurricane Irene.

Here are a few pictures of Zerka (who’ll wear number 19) from this morning’s training session. We plan to speak with the 29-year-old for the first time next week – the Revs will be off for the next three days – so keep an eye out for that video.


  1. Haus says:

    Why does Kraft Sports Group own a soccer team if they hate soccer?

  2. Haus says:

    The entire Revs organization is a joke. Fold the team if you’re not going to put any effort into it. How can a “professional” sports franchise allow their principal broadcast partner to continually neglect even mentioning the team on air? Why is it that the only TV advertising occurs during game broadcasts and at no other time? Why is it that the team is still reaching solely for the disney demographic, when more successful franchises continue to show how its done by going after the 20-45 age group? Why do they wish to find petty conflict with their most ardent fans? Pathetic. Revs lose more fans by the day, its almost as if its intentional.
    P.S. Who cares about a one-time exhibition game with Manchester United. 90% of those who attended that match won’t come back and if they do it will be only for another exhibition against a Euro club.

  3. Musket The Dog says:

    Relax dude. It’s a soccer team. They have no bearing on your life. With an attitude like that you’re going to give yourself a early heart attack.

  4. Haus says:

    Musket, why did you come and read this blog? Ill guess its because you care about this team. Well, so do I, and it bothers me that the people who the Revs DO allegedly have a bearing on their life choose to mail it in. You see, looking around the league their is great potential in the MLS product. But here, the team is operated and marketed worse than single A minor league baseball. If you are ok with soccer being run into the ground in New England, then I don’t know what else to say.
    Side note: my blood pressure is pretty good, thanks!

  5. Charles Mcfeely says:

    More whining than a 3 year old kid goin on here.

    Mcfeel me?

  6. Haus says:

    Charles you’re right, everything is great. Seems like only the chumps read this blog. Krafty got some orange slices for you and a photo with Slyde. Get your kicks and soccer smiles lil Charlie!

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