We’re sorry, blog (PLUS: We want your feedback)

We have seriously neglected this blog in recent months. Sorry about that, blog.

It’s not like we forgot it was here or anything. We’ve just been so caught up with the recent changeover on revolutionsoccer.net and so focused on keeping the content (written, video, audio) fresh on the main site that the blog was subsequently pushed to the backburner for a bit. It’s unfortunate that the content here on the blog has been severely lacking (read: nonexistent) for the past few months, but hopefully the look, feel, usability and improved content on the new site has been worth our time and undivided attention.

With that said, it’s absolutely one of our primary goals to increase our blog content next season, especially since it’s one of the easiest avenues (along with Facebook and Twitter) for fans to communicate with us on a regular basis. We enjoy getting that feedback, especially since here in the Digital department it really is our job to provide the fans with the content they crave. You’re the audience, and that matters.

Along those same lines, we’d like to get your feedback now as we head into the offseason. While we’ll certainly continue to cover the team throughout the coaching search, Expansion Draft, Re-Entry Process, etc., the offseason gives us a bit of time to evaluate how the year played out from a content perspective. It’s our chance to decide what worked and what didn’t, and it allows us to put together an outline for where we want to go in the future.

So in the comments section below, we want to hear what content you enjoyed this season. From our written content (features, previews, “Match Day” stories) to video content (Gameday, Postgame, Box to Box, etc.) to audio content (Far Post Podcast), what content do you look forward to and enjoy most on revolutionsoccer.net? And of course, what content typically doesn’t interest you? How do you think we could improve it? Anything we’re not doing you’d like to see?

A few weeks ago we tried out a new video feature in which we sat down with Diego Fagundez and analyzed one of his goals in the office. That’s something we’re looking at making a regular feature next year, analyzing key plays with the players who were involved. Would that be something which would interest you?

It’s all stuff we want to know. So, fire away in the comments section below.


  1. Mike says:

    We don’t care about the website. WE CARE ABOUT THE TEAM. The front office has undeniably failed while the management ignores it like an adopted stepchild. The fans are speaking their minds and all you do is ignore and deny. This team is broken and you act like its alright. It’s not. Not by a longshot. Fix this team….. NOW!!! You are losing season ticket buyers and fans. As of right now, I am embarrassed to call myself a New England Revolution supporter. Robert and Jonathan Kraft don’t care about this team. They said college football was available while the Patriots have their bye week… The Revs had their last home game of the season and the owners weren’t even there. Either care about the team or sell it! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

  2. Dan says:

    I agree completely with Mike.

    The Krafts need to sell this team to someone who will put in the effort to give New England the soccer team it deserves.

  3. Nick says:

    I agree with Mike.

  4. Chris B says:

    Oh, you know I can’t stay mad at you especially with those puppy dog eyes!

    I gotta say my favorite content of the year was undoubtedly the Far Post Podcast. I don’t care if you don’t talk soccer and Revs all the time but it is informative and humorous. Speaking of humor I liked in the past when you did bloopers, yeah it may be silly, but it’s entertaining once in a while especially after a depressing season a laugh is good which is also why I liked the Soares report. I don’t know what happened to that, maybe AJ had personal reasons whatever but you guys should do those rookie videos like the K.A DBarnes vlog from awhile back. Yeah, I mean, you’re guys’ soccer content is really good, I’m interested in those videos, comedic or not, that give you a bit more insight into a player’s personality and I agree about more videos reviewing goals at the desk (don’t neglect goalkeepers either, review big saves as well!) Hopefully next season will have a lot of great goals you can delve into!

  5. Marc Larocque says:

    If this team doesn’t get rid of the entire defense, we are in trouble. None of the Revs defenders we have currently deserve to start. I wouldn’t mind keeping Coria and Soares, but everyone else must be gone. Soares and Coria should be put on the bench, and should earn their way onto the field over better players that we absolutely need to sign if we want to be a serious soccer team.

    We also need to add depth and most importantly quality to the mid and forwards. We have a few good players (Joseph, Feilhaber, maybe Caraglio and Lecic), but they are NOT ENOUGH. We need depth and quality. We can expect to have a full season without injuries, so we need a solid bench. I like Zerka, we need more players like him, BETTER PLAYERS.

    Also, we need a goalkeeper who is not an old bald man. We need someone good who doesn’t act like a pansy when racing to clearing out through balls away from the reach of attacking opponents.

  6. Jim says:

    Sell the team to Mr. Henry and lets watch the Revs in Fenway.

  7. Karen S says:

    Agree with most of the coments. This team played bad college soccer (late 70s Hartwick grad). No defense, inconsistent quality from the midfield, no offense. We fans were lucky if they could play decent soccer for 30 minutes each game; were they even shouting to each other? For goodness sake, don’t let Diego go the way of Taylor Twellman; he doesn’t know any better at his age!

  8. Dave The Rave says:

    Please bring back In the Net – I have to disagree with Chris B about Far Post, I thought it was pretty juvenile compared to ITN. Brad Feldman did an excellent job on ITN and consistently got A-list interview guests. To me, ITN sounded like professional sports radio and FP seems almost like college radio. Now the target audience for FP (and the Revs in general) is probably a lot older than me (I’m 50) so if that’s what it takes to get butts in the seats then fine. So feel free to keep FP for the young folks, but throw us geezers a bone and bring back ITN.

  9. Dave The Rave says:

    Correction to previous post – meant to say: “Now the target audience for FP (and the Revs in general) is probably a lot *YOUNGER* than me (I’m 50)…”

  10. Chris B says:

    Dave, the Far Post does get annoying at times. Sometimes I find myself saying “c’mon guys stop getting too sidetracked”. I think it’s okay to talk about other things but some episodes are so off topic. I don’t like to single out people but Cathal has great things to say but he and JWro are the ones who get off topic frequently. Yes, I am young, and I like humor but Brad Feldman is awesome and it would be cool to have In the Net back.

  11. Musket the Dog says:

    Content is best in the league. Especially shows like the Box to Box.

    The Far post is awesome, but you need a new producer.

    Unfortunately half of these idiots are using this blog to complain about the state of the team even though you ask for content opinion.

  12. Jim says:

    Considering this how awful a season they had and how few venues there are to discuss the team, negative feedback has to be expected. I’d hardly call them “idiots”, Musket.

    The website is decent but I’d imagine in the lower rungs of the league as far as page views, the podcasts are listened to by probably fewer than 100 people per episode, and the team’s standing in the local market has never been lower. That last fact direct impacts the first two.

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