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We here at revolutionsoccer.net work hard each and every day to bring you the most up-to-date news, multimedia, analysis, random tidbits, ticket info and more. But, in the name of improving things, however, we’d like to hear YOUR opinion on revolutionsoccer.net (the team’s official website, not the blog).

What would you like to see on the website that we don’t currently have? What features do you want to see? What parts of other websites that you love do you want to see on revolutionsoccer.net? Be creative and tell us everything.

Please don’t just give us a, “Your website sucks!” If you really think that - though we really hope you don’t – that’s fine, but we want to know WHY you think that. Be sure to tell us your favorite parts of the website, as well. The one thing we ask is to keep it clean!

Thanks – we look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts so we can give you what you want.


  1. backseat says:

    website works for me. The blog in particular has been a fun outlet for hearing other people’s thoughts. There are others out there on the web but they haven’t had consistent posts. The team website provides nice stability on this front. My only pet pieve is the Patriots gear on the proshop link. Leave the helmets and Moss jersey’s for the 2nd page at least :-)

    One addition I would pursue- get one of the players or coachs to post regularly on the blog.

  2. JB says:

    My biggest complaint about the rev’s website is how visually cluttered it is. I’m no graphic designer so I can’t put it technically, but simplifying the look would make the site a lot more useable. I visit the site regularly but often times don’t notice new information until long after it’s been put up.

    It may be that it’s all the different fonts, the location of the ads, the placing of everything on a blue background, or the incongruece of some of the frame sizes. Whatever it is, it makes the place hard to process and difficult to extract information from.

  3. prairie says:

    get one of the players or coachs to post regularly on the blog

    I agree! More fan/player interaction. Maybe regular Q&A, not just with the players, but the coaches and team management?

  4. revseye says:

    Folks – We’re asking about the main web site, not the blog. Later on, we’ll get to blog suggestions, but please keep the suggestions, critique, etc., to the main revolution website: revolutionsoccer.net.

  5. Andrew says:

    I enjoy the website. The blog is something I like a lot too.

    The following would improve the website:
    1) Current team injury report.
    2) More news entries. e.g. Interviews with players/coaches/fans that is generated by website/team reporters, relevent general MLS news
    3) When we play non-MLS teams (Superliga, Concaff tournament), in depth information on those teams so we know about them.
    4) I’d say a fan message board, but maybe that doesn’t belong on the official website in case there’s negative comments that would affect the team-but its nice to have a centralized place to discuss the team with other fans
    5) Player bios are good already, but the more info in the player bios the better

  6. AndrewK says:

    The blog, and all the multimedia stuff you guys do is great. Keep that up. I’d like you to expand on the social media experiment that is this blog. A Revs twitter feed perhaps? That may be a bit of a stretch but you get my drift.

    One thing that i think would be extremely cool that you may be able to provide via the blog is an ‘Ask the Coach’ segment. Say once a month, you ask fans to submit questions for Stevie Nicol to answer. It’d be great if it was alive chat sort of thing but a Q&A where you guys compile questions and post the answers to some would be great too. I’m sure there are alot of hardcore fans who’d love to ask a tactical question of the coach.

    Thanks for asking for our input, too.

  7. AndrewK says:

    Didn’t notice the note about meaning website suggestions and not blog ones. My bad.

    Here’s the one thing I want from the website that you don’t provide: highlights of reserve games. I know you guys probably barely ever tape the reserve games, but that’d be a really sweet addition that i’d tune in for every week.

  8. BKNYTS says:

    I pretty much agree with everyone here and their suggestions. Maybe just a little bit of flash to bring more movement to the pages. Besides that, keep up the good work and the progression of all of the media coming from you guys is wonderful!!

  9. jois says:

    Something new on the website almost every day would be nice. I like the idea of more reserve team coverage, too. Player interviews–in print as well as videos–or just an opportunity for fans to post questions via e-mail directed toward individual players or coaches would be interesting. For example, we get post-game comments from the coach, but why can’t fans ask questions of Steve Nichol and/or his staff, and he picks several to answer in a weekly column? Or send in questions to specific players, and a handful of answers are posted each week.

  10. Cooper says:

    I think you folks do a decent job. I love the media component. Some constructive criticisms:

    1. Eliminate any mention and all references to the Pats. Maybe this just has to do w/ the pro shop, but still, it’s really irritating and makes us look like a bush league club.

    2. Can’t put my finger on it, but I do agree that the site feel cluttered.

    3. Most important is the info provided in the pre-match report. The morning of a match I’m ready to go! I want to know who’s going to be named to the squad, who’s likely to start, who’s fit, who’s not. For those who aren’t, why not and how long till they’re back… I want to know the same for our opponent. I don’t need to know what our all-time record is agst a particular club, or other trivial stuff like that. To me, it’s should be all about the game later that day.

    4. Some might laugh at this, but to me it’s like fingernails on a blackboard when people refer to the Revs in the singular. No-one would say ‘The Red Sox is in second place’ or ‘The Patriots is struggling to make the play-offs.’ So don’t say ‘The Revolution is SuperLiga champions.’ Please use the plural when referring to the Revs or the Revolution. And I’ll go one further: In football (soccer) internationally, clubs are always referred to in the plural, eg. ‘Arsenal were embarrassed by Hull on Sat.’ I think we should join the rest of the world on this: ‘New England were dominated by Columbus last weekend.’ My 2 cents. :-)

  11. Jim says:

    I second what Cooper said. Also Andrew’s idea about team profiles for non-MLS opponents is also a good one.

  12. WeatherManNX01 says:

    Okay, bear in mind that I I am not an expert…but I think there are improvements to be made.

    Clutter. As mentioned above, there is quite a bit of clutter on the page. When I open the main page, I see the big news item (with picture), a set of headlines, a blog link (which moves sometimes), upcoming game info, a ticket ad, some other selling point (currently the Quest For the Cup), the season ticket login, the proshop block, and the standings/headline news/home schedule columns. Now granted, I have a 1920×1200 resolution, but there’s still a lot being thrown at the eyes. And I didn’t include the banner, the MLS links bar, and the RevolutionSoccer nav bar. There has got to be a better way to organize it. Someone above suggested flash (and as much as some want to separate the Revs and Pats, I think the Pats have a pretty good thing going with their flash layout).

    Then the three-column thing at the bottom. Yikes. It’s a pretty narrow page to begin with, but those three columns are really squeezed in there. And the end columns are very small and very hard to read. A bit of a pain on the eyes. Again, there has got to be a better way to set this all up.

    In terms of content, I generally like what you’ve got, but I have some suggestions for improvements. I generally only need to check the site once a week because there is very little news posted. Could we have a bit more, please? I know that newsworthy stuff doesn’t happen every day, but there has got to be something of interest that can be posted on a more regular basis. And I don’t just mean things like “In the Net” and game previews and reviews.

    Permanent locations. That blog link is always moving depending on what else might go in that box. Things should stay in the same place all the time.

    Home computer stuffs. You guys have had the same three desktop wallpapers available for a while. Can we get some variety please? More than just Matt Reis and TT. As much as I like them, I’d like to see some Dube, Ralston, Parkhurst, et al…maybe even some Nicol? Perhaps you could also open up for some fan submissions? Oh, and sizes…widescreen and larger sizes, please. Standard monitor dimensions are different now than they were five years ago. Let’s get a variety going. Also…maybe buddy icons or something? I think people would go for stuff they can personalize their computers with.

    Finally…whatever you do, don’t do what they did with Patriots.com. For weeks there was the notice that there would be a hefty site redesign. What happened? They added the flash at top, bumped the rest of the stuff down, and changed the background. Whoo. If you’re going to do an overhaul, make it a full overhaul.

    Thanks for listening, and thanks for allowing the fans to have their say! :-)

    (P.S. re: Copper’s #4 – Revs are, Revolution were…all that is fine. But locations are singular. New England is, New England was…it just sounds…right. Subject-verb agreement. I hate the way they do that overseas. My opinion, of course.)

  13. revolutionsoccer says:

    Thanks everyone for your well thought out comments, we appreciate them! Keep ‘em coming!

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