The next head coach of the Revolution is …

Based on the projected timeline put forth by club president Brian Bilello, the Revolution is expected to announce the sixth head coach in club history sometime in the next couple of days.

There have been plenty of names floating around in recent weeks leading to much speculation as to who’ll fill the position. Who do you think will be the Revolution’s next head coach?


  1. Steve Stoehr says:

    I’m thinking Ralston or Bliss. Maybe with Jay Heaps to join the staff as an assistant?

  2. Renny Swan says:

    What I would love to see, and I’d settle for a satirical parody of, would be the transcript of Dunga’s interview!

  3. Vin H. says:

    I know people think it will be Dennis Hamlett, Paul Mariner or Robbie Williams but I think it should be Joe Franchino, Ralston, Jay Heaps or Ted Chronopoulis. Give one of the good old boys a shot. That’s how they do it in Europe and South america.

  4. Chris B says:

    I want and think it will be Ralston.

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