So we found this tape…

Check that, we found a camera – an old Sony Handycam – while doing a bit of offseason cleaning a few weeks back. The camera had no charger, cord, or battery. It did, however, have a tape inside. With no power source, it was impossible to eject said tape. So, we did what most anyone would do in that situation and pried it open with a screwdriver. The tape survived, the camera was thrown in the trash, and we dug up a Hi8 player to import the video.

The footage on this tape predates just about everyone in the building (Jeff Lemieux was 14 and practicing his standups in front of his bedroom mirror in his autographed Revs jersey), as it is from two Revs training sessions (August 20/21, 1998). The Revs were preparing to take on the LA Galaxy on Aug. 22 at Foxboro Stadium. How many former players/coaches and current FOX Soccer Analysts can you name in this video?

Jeff Lemieux, circa 1998

So, we compiled some clips from the roughly 15 minutes of footage on the tape and threw in some sweet 1998 music for your listening/viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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