10/28 Injury Report

Just two days before the 2008 MLS Cup Playoff opener against the Chicago Fire at Gillette Stadium, the Revs released some unfortunate news today. As stated in an official press release issued by the Revolution earlier this afternoon, Taylor Twellman is out indefinitely with concussion-related symptoms stemming back to his collision with Los Angeles Galaxy goalkeeper Steve Cronin on Aug. 30. In true Taylor fashion, he scored on the play despite taking two solid fists to the face, but the jarring effect of the hit not only left Twellman with a gash on his cheek that required five stitches, but also lingering symptoms consistent with those of a concussion. Full details can be found in the press release.

The official New England Revolution Injury Report for Tuesday, Oct. 28:

Probable: Sam Brill (L adductor strain)

Out: Taylor Twellman (concussion-related symptoms), Steve Ralston (R fibula fracture), Adam Cristman (season-ending R toe surgery), Doug Warren (season-ending R elbow hyperextension)

While Sam Brill is no longer feeling the effects of his previously sprained left ankle, he is now suffering from a bit of a groin strain … but once again, nothing that prevented him from training in the pouring rain this morning.

Because of the rain, there were no Taylor Twellman, Steve Ralston, Adam Cristman or Doug Warren sightings at training today … though Ralston was spotted exiting the locker room with a group his teammates following the session.


  1. Andrew G says:

    Message to Twellman: you are a great player. I appreciate what you give each game. I saw the play you were hurt on – giving your all for the team like usual. Saw how much you went through this year. Your luck will turn. I support you taking the time you need to get better and look forward to when you return healthy.

  2. hokie says:

    Not to worry. Twellman may be a great player, but Stevie has built an annual MLS Cup game team with a 3-5-2 alignment with the best back 6 (Shalrie-Jeff-Chris-Michael-Jay-Matt) in the league. Its this 6 that can hold the Fire at bay while our “no name” middies and forwards – quality players that no one knows about – Sainey-Wells-Mauricio-Kelli-Kenny – wreck havoc and they with Khano’s help next week can put enough on the board to advance.

  3. MGK says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery for TT, all good vibes going out to the team for tomorrow’s game. May this yr be the yr we- NE Revs fans enjoy an MLS Cup win. All the players deserve it, all play extremely well together. We have a good team, every single player brings something exceptional to each game. I hope all the players get their contracts re-newed and lets hope to see a new soccer stadium in Somerville next year. :)

  4. Erin says:

    Frist and foremost, I hope Taylor, Steve, Adam, and Doug make full and speedy recoveries and that Sam will be removed from the ‘probable’ list. As for the rest of the team, you all know that we are 100% supportive of you and will be cheering you on until we are hoarse tomorrow. It has been an amazing regular season watching you, and Playoffs will be just as exciting, I’m sure.

  5. backseat says:

    We’re pulling for ya big guy! The sacrafice you made fot that goal will never be forgotten. Hope you are feeling well enough to see you on sidelines Thurs night. I wouldn’t be surprisd if you and Rally get a standing ovation for everything you two have done for this team.

  6. Lisa says:

    Twellman Is A Great Player And Thank U For All Of The Amazing Goals u Did And Keeping The REVS On Track U R The BEST!!!!!!!!And All Of The REVS Fan Appreciate What U Gave In Each Game


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